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Lifestyle Creep

One of the biggest obstacles to accumulating wealth is what I call Lifestyle Creep. Lifestyle Creep can delay retirement, financial stability, and financial independence. At its worst, lifestyle creep can drive families into large amounts of debt that they will spend decades climbing out of. Others have referred to it as lifestyle drift or lifestyle inflation.

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Save Money on Life Insurance by Layering

Layering your life insurance involves getting multiple term policies to cover different time periods. The thought behind is that you won’t need the same amount of death benefit for a 20 or 30 year time period, but will need less insurance as you get older. Layering your insurance could mean having 3-4 different policies with terms of 10, 15, 20, or 30 years.

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Why You Should Consider Paying Cash For Your Vehicles

The majority of people I know don’t even consider paying cash for a vehicle, they only consider how much their monthly payment will be. In fact, many people don’t even know how much they pay for their vehicle, only what their monthly payment is. In the next couple paragraphs I am going to tell you why I believe most people would be better off paying cash instead of getting loans.


The Real Cost of That Free Dinner

Almost everyone has been invited, at some point in their lives, to a ‘free dinner’ while they listen to some kind of product presentation. One of the most common sales pitches given at these ‘free dinners’ are to buy some kind of financial product.


Benefits of Goal Setting

One excellent New Year’s resolution is setting goals. By goal setting, I don’t mean telling yourself something like, “I’m going to the gym three times a week this year.” I’m referring to the real practice of goal setting – thinking about what is important to you personally, professionally, and physically, and then writing some goals down that you want to accomplish in the coming year. Why write them down?

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End of the Year Checklist

The end of the year tends to be associated with multiple holiday celebrations, parties and vacations. There are also a few very important things federal employees should be addressing this time of year. I have put together a short list of things that should be on your financial calendar to be addressed.

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