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How Do I Help?

 Example of Joe and Jill – Soon to be Retirees

Joe and Jill recently asked me a great question - what are my strengths?

My answer was that I do my best to put my clients at ease. I enjoy taking care of the financial side of things so my clients can relax and enjoy life. One of the best compliments I can receive from a client is, “I feel a lot better about things now.” 

That is my ultimate goal – To allow my clients to enjoy life and sleep well at night knowing I'm doing my job taking care of the financial part.

Instead of using a bunch of financial jargon to explain details, I thought a list from a prospective client would be ideal to help understand the scope of our work at Bobb Financial.



How should we be allocating our TSP now given our retirement timelines and the current state of the markets?

Should we put more in a Roth than we currently are?

How should we rebalance, now and in the future?

How do we make allocations safer as we approach retirement?


Do we have enough to retire? Specifically, can Mrs. retire in a year or two while Mr. works 4-5 more?

How long will our money last?

When should we pay off the house?

What should we do with any windfalls we get?

How much can we spend in retirement?

How much should we leave in money market savings?

Can we pay for weddings and take trips and buy a car?


How much should we have in our money-market account (accessible funds)?

Any comments on our other funds (these are small compared to TSP)?


Is long-term care insurance FLTCIP better than it used to be? Should we get it? When? Can we get it with health conditions or need to have an open enrollment period without health questions?

Can you go through the rules of FEHB and survivor benefits for married feds?

When Mrs. retires, how will our cash flow work? How much can we take from TSP? When Mr. also retires, how will our cash flow work?

When should each of us take SS?

How will taxes work in retirement? Our annuity (pension), SS, TSP withdrawal except Roth are taxed, correct? How much?

What amount of survivor annuity benefits do you recommend? Is it different for each of us?

Would working with a professional on the above topics be a value to you? If so, schedule a call and we’ll discuss a plan to move forward.

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