The Real Cost of That Free Dinner

Almost everyone has been invited, at some point in their lives, to a ‘free dinner’ while they listen to some kind of product presentation. One of the most common sales pitches given at these

Brad Bobb CFP® | April 27, 2017

Why You Should Consider Paying Cash For Your Vehicles

The majority of people I know don’t even consider paying cash for a vehicle, they only consider how much their monthly payment will be. In fact, many people don’t even know how much they pay for their vehicle

Brad Bobb CFP® | April 27, 2017

Three Common Mistakes Young Doctors Make

While most medical residents welcome their first independent job as a physician with open arms (and rightly so!), there are also many challenges that come with their rise in income

Brad Bobb CFP® | February 7, 2017

Three BIG Reasons to Pay Student Loans in Residency

Many medical students pile up student loans through under grad and medical school. A 100k or even 200k balance can seem insurmountable for a resident, but is this way of thinking accurate?

Brad Bobb CFP® | February 7, 2017

Value of Your FERS Annuity In Relation to TSP

Federal employees have one of the best benefits packages available in today’s workplace, and the FERS annuity is a big part of it. The FERS annuity is a pension provided

Brad Bobb CFP® | January 23, 2017

Benefits of Goal Setting

One excellent New Year’s resolution is setting goals. By goal setting, I don’t mean telling yourself something like, “I’m going to the gym three times a week this year.” I’m referring to the real practice of goal setting

Brad Bobb CFP® | January 11, 2017

End of the Year Checklist

The end of the year tends to be associated with multiple holiday celebrations, parties and vacations. There are also a few very important things federal employees should

Brad Bobb CFP® | December 6, 2016