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One thing that I always want to do at Bobb Financial is enjoy my client relationships. Even though we serve a variety of clients across all age groups, one quality our clients share is that they are good people we enjoy working with.

We have found that both parties need to enjoy the relationship for it to be a good long term fit.

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If you are a federal employee you may have questions such as:

  • How is my FERS annuity calculated? Your FERS annuity is calculated by taking your number of years of FERS service times 1% times your high 3, unless you retire after age 62 when it could change to 1.1% per year if you have over 20 years of FERS service.
  • How does the FERS supplement work? It is for those retiring on an immediate unreduced annuity prior to age 62. A basic calculation of the amount would is your number of years of FERS service / 40 times your Social Security amount at age 62.
  • Will my survivors receive benefits? Retirees have the option of taking a full survivor annuity or a partial survivor annuity.
  • How does the TSP work? It includes five funds as well as Lifecycle funds that are made with a combination of the five funds. Employees receive matching and have the option of Traditional and Roth TSP.
  • Should I leave money in my TSP when I retire? Great question! Retirees have the option to transfer funds to an IRA and it may be best to do so, but it may not be a good idea depending on the person and your age. You can elect a TSP annuity, take monthly withdrawals, or take periodic withdrawals but there are some restrictions on the timing of your withdrawals. Federal law enforcement officers may be able to access TSP funds in their 40s, but would not be able to access an IRA penalty free.
  • Should I take advantage of FEGLI? FEGLI is a great option to have which may be a good fit for you, but if you are in good health it may not be a good fit for you.
  • How will taxes impact me in the future? This is a great question that every federal employee should be considering. Taxes are a vital component to every retirement plan and should be a part of your TSP distribution plan.
  • When should I collect Social Security? Everyone is a little different when it comes to Social Security. It may be best for one spouse to collect early while the other spouse waits in order to have the highest survivor benefit, or it could be better to collect immediately.
  • How much retirement income will I have? It's important to calculate your FERS annuity, Social Security, and income distributions prior to retirement. Managing your expenses in retirement are also a key to retirement success.

Or, you may be overwhelmed by the slew of acronyms that are part of your benefits such as CSRS, FERS, FEHB, TSP, FEGLI, FEHB, VCP.

Your financial well-being and retirement are too important for confusion to be part of the equation.

I have received professional training on federal employee benefits and have been working extensively with federal employees since 2007. As a federal benefits specialist, I have done presentations at FSA, Rural Development, BOP, SSA, ATF, FBI, OSHA, US Marshals, ARS and the EPA, to name a few.

Whether you are part of the old CSRS system or FERS, I can help you interpret the maze of federal acronyms and assist you along your retirement journey. A typical start to that journey involves putting a plan together that shows you how your benefits will work together to provide a retirement cash flow.

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Seriously, we enjoy working with good people that treat others they way they would like to be treated.

While federal employees are our main focus, we have some clients that are young doctors, power companies retirees, and retirees in general that are looking for independent fee only advice.

All new clients pay a flat fee for financial planning and investment management.

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