Law Enforcement Officer Retirement, The Rule of 55, TSP, and Roth TSP

Federal SCEs can access TSP if they meet the SCE retirement requirements, which are: retirement at

Brad Bobb, CFP® | May 16, 2024

A Vote For and Against the 4% Rule

Anyone who is close to retirement or has done any retirement planning has probably heard of the 4% rule, but is the 4% rule what you should use

Brad Bobb, CFP® | April 23, 2024

Year End Tax Planning Ideas

The end of the year is quickly approaching, which can only mean one thing for us finance nerds – year-end tax planning! The end of the year is a great time to evaluate

Brad Bobb, CFP® | April 22, 2024

TSP Distributions and Tax Planning for Federal Retirees

Federal employees will face a challenge in retirement – figuring out how to spend their money versus accumulating it. After spending 30+ years saving and investing, distributing funds can be daunting, but it’s exactly what’s needed in retirement. Tax planning during the

Brad Bobb, CFP® | April 22, 2024

How to Avoid Getting Crushed by Taxes in Retirement

The answer is relatively simple – show very little income on your tax returns. The key is understanding how different types of investments are

Brad Bobb, CFP® | April 22, 2024

The FERS Survivor Annuity is Expensive

his view of the survivor annuity being too expensive and not worth taking. But is it really expensive

Brad Bobb, CFP® | April 22, 2024

Four Things Federal Retirees Can't do With TSP

The Thrift Savings Plan is a great benefit that all federal employees should be using to accumulate funds for retirement, but it doesn’t work quite as smoothly

Brad Bobb CFP® | February 7, 2024

FERS Retirees May Want to Delay Social Security

The effective tax could be a great reason for FERS retirees to delay their Social Security until later in retirement.

Brad Bobb, CFP® | September 18, 2023

Should a FERS Retiree Buy a House in Retirement

It’s not uncommon for a federal employee to retire and buy a house later. I have consulted on this topic three times in just the past few weeks. The biggest question retirees have is if they should take the funds

Brad Bobb, CFP® | August 29, 2023

Considerations When Purchasing a Home

Home purchases are arguably the biggest purchase we will make in our lifetime. It is very common for a young physician coming out of residency to be facing this decision head on

Brad Bobb CFP® | July 3, 2023

Tax Bracket Misconceptions

Federal income taxes can be terribly misunderstood. Sometimes I believe that whoever writes tax law wants us to misunderstand it

Brad Bobb CFP® | June 13, 2023

Rule of 55, 50 for LEO and Early Access to TSP

The rule of 55 is a great feature of your Thrift Savings Plan that helps early retirees. This IRS rule means that those who leave

Brad Bobb CFP® | May 11, 2023