Jackpot = Having 2 Kids in College

Having two kids in college at the same time is a financial burden that many parents are terrified of, and understandably so. The average college cost today is

Brad Bobb CFP® | September 6, 2017

Credit Card Debt and a Good TSP Loan

I wrote a previous article that discussed reasons not to take a Thrift Savings Plan (or 401k) loan. Even though I am generally against taking a loan from your retirement plan

Brad Bobb CFP® | August 15, 2017

Options for College Savings Accounts

One thought that many young parents ponder on is how to pay for their kids' college education. A four year price tag for college can easily

Brad Bobb CFP® | August 8, 2017

Stop Cleaning Your Car

Fast forward many years later, and I still have a tendency to do things myself. The main reason I clean my own cars, wax my cars, clean the house, and do the yard work is because I’m tight (or frugal, to put it politely). I don’t like the idea of paying others to do something that I am able to do.

Brad Bobb CFP® | July 28, 2017

Five Common Mistakes Retirees Make

Retirement is a goal that most of us aspire to. Even though retirement is often thought of as an ending, it is more of a beginning event. Yes, you may be done working

Brad Bobb CFP® | July 14, 2017

Avoid Parent Plus Loans

Most families I work with want to help their kids pay for college, and with annual price tags that can reach over $70,000; most students have

Brad Bobb CFP® | July 11, 2017

Four Reasons Not to Take a TSP Loan

Taking a loan against your TSP has become a common practice with federal employees. Even federal employees with high incomes have taken money out of their TSP because they felt it was

Brad Bobb CFP® | July 8, 2017

How to Make an Extra 90k

Retirement and financial planning are all about being as efficient as possible with our money. There are many aspects involved such as taxes, investment returns, budgeting, and so on

Brad Bobb CFP® | July 5, 2017

Lifestyle Creep

One of the biggest obstacles to accumulating wealth is what I call ‘Lifestyle Creep’. Lifestyle creep is your spending increasing along with your income and it can delay retirement

Brad Bobb CFP® | June 20, 2017

FERS Supplement and the Earnings Test

Many federal employees will be fortunate enough to retire before the age of 62. Those individuals will be eligible to collect additional income from the FERS supplement

Brad Bobb CFP® | June 13, 2017

When Colleges Compete You Win!

Flexibility is HUGE for families that want to save money on the cost of college. Casting a broad net in your college search can pay off by the thousands

Brad Bobb CFP® | June 8, 2017

Social Security Changes for 2017

Every year, many details of Social Security change. These changes affect both the workers paying in to the system and the retirees collecting benefits

Brad Bobb CFP® | June 1, 2017